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As we know, Because there are too many rectifiers and BTS placed in telecom site/cabin, to maintain the stability and reliability of their operations, the environmental temperature, humidity and air quality must be strictly controlled within a certain range. Under this situation, SunStone Power Telecom Cooling System (Model No: SDI220-5.3) is researched and developed.

CLIQ’ Connect is a supplement to the eCLIQ solution and makes it possible to update keys anywhere and any time via an iOS or Android device. Users can securely update their access authorisations via an app without and additional programming device. The transfer of new authoisation is done quickly and simply via Bluetooth’ onto the[Read More]

Solar power are widely use conventionally in almost all the industry. In Telco, especially for remote site, Solar Power System is a clean power solution and can achieve cost saving at long run.

Energy efficiency is a crucial measure for most of the company and organisation, especially in telco industry. In order to achieve better energy efficiency by a new way of cooling in BTS, Free Cooling System is introduced. Using natural air for outside, Free Cooling System able to greatly reduce the use of conventional air conditioning[Read More]

Our outdoor enclosure is uniquely designed that comes with technical structure with full modularity combination. The enclosure is with IP55 protection rating to EN60529/10.91 Double layer cabinet wall structure design with air gap for external heat isolation. Safety & burglar proof design with concealed antitheft structure. The cooling solution of the outdoor enclosures adopting multiple[Read More]

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