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CE offers you solutions that support your company’s electronic information management. Five solutions are offered; information and project managementapplication systems, administration portal, negotiation and data rooms.


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As a solution provider, with high experienced team

We know that managing multiple remote site is an challenging task for project owner, especially in security, cost effective and energy saving area. CE provides a full range of solution to assist our client to achieve the above target.

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As a full data center solution provider, with high experienced team

We capable to make energy savings and carbon emission reductions as our top environmental priority. With this, CE will deliver the best solution that is energy and cost saving to you.

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At Critical Engineering

We all know that downtime in a system will not be a valid reason and option in running business. With experienced and expertised engineers,CE will provide zero interruption solution that operate effectively and efficiently to our clients.

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At Critical Engineering

We provide full solution combining rack, power, cooling and monitoring system that can be built compact and flexible to fulfill your requirement and needs.

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At Critical Engineering

We will offer you more than just access to technology advanced physical used for storing and processing business related solution. Together with support of highly experienced proffesionals who can assist you in improving efficiency of the applications and systems.

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